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Welcome to HANFEXPO in Vienna! We support you in your journalistic activities and offer you extensive support and free services. We are happy to support you in your reporting in advance, during and after the fair. Are you looking for suitable images or sound clips? From March 2019 we will make all the materials available for you. Please have a little patience. We are right in the middle of the preparations!

Press contact

Tel +43 1 890 87 71

Press material

HANFEXPO 2020 - The Largest Hemp Fair in Austria
GRAND GREEN CHALLENGE - Start-up Pitching at the HANFEXPO 2020
GRAND GREEN Symposium - At the HANFEXPO 2020

Press Accreditation

Thank you for your interest in HANFEXPO in Vienna. We would be pleased to welcome you as a journalist, blogger or influencer. As the organiser of HANFEXPO, we want to simplify access to information about our hemp fair by providing accreditation. An accreditation is granted exclusively for the purpose of journalistic reporting.
We are happy to provide media accreditation to persons from Austria and abroad who can prove their journalistic activities related to hemp. We ask for your understanding that we have to check the registrations and you have to present proof of identity. The identification should be presented in German or English. There is no claim to accreditation.

Media Guidelines

Any recording, whether photo, video or audio, must be clearly visible (i.e. recognizable at first glance) as recordings of HANFEXPO upon publication (making accessible to a group of people).
The organizer reserves the right to use photos, video or audio recordings for its own application or reporting of the HANFEXPO including indication of copyrights

Data protection agreement

I agree that my personal data listed above, and optionally my postal address, may be retained until revoked and that I may be contacted by e-mail or post during this period for the renewed issue of press accreditation for further events. I can withdraw this consent at any time with effect for the future by sending an e-mail to info@hanfexpo.com

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