Hemp Animals

Not only humans can profit from the positive effects of the hemp plant. CBD is now also available for dogs, cats, horses and Co. The treats with CBD can help against fears and aggressions, strengthen social interaction and promote appetite and a regular sleep rhythm.

Find out more about the use of CBD for animals at Hanfexpo Austria in Vienna.

Hemp Media

Recently we almost daily read about cannabis reports in the topics Growing, Cannabis as medicine, economy, products, law and justice.
Among the media, the frequency of appearances dealing specifically with these topics is increasing as the competence of the entire environment is growing at a rapid pace.

At the Hanfexpo Austria in Vienna several magazines and books around the topic hemp are presented.

Hemp Medicine

The demand for cannabis as a medicine is constantly increasing and more and more preparations from cannabis are coming onto the market. Cannabis is already used in various medical fields and the use of cannabis in pain medicine as well as in various clinical indications is moving more and more into the focus of medicine.

You can hear everything about the healing effect of hemp and its regulatory status at the Hanfexpo Austria in Vienna.

Hemp Grow

Everything from cultivation and harvesting to the processing and use of hemp. The Hanfexpo informs about the most important advices about the cultivation of hemp for personal use as well as about the cultivation of hemp as a renewable ressource.

In the Grow section the latest trends such as aquaponics, LED, organic fertilization are presented as well as the latest seed genetics such as hemp seeds and hemp cuttings.

Hemp Head

In this section you will find everything you need after growing the plant. Today's market offers a variety of equipment to meet the needs of the consumers. The most up-to-date smoking accessories, from vaporizers to tools and aids for the final and further processing of the hemp plant and for the use of CBD.

Hemp Building Materials

Apart from products made of hemp for food and textiles, the millennium-old plant hemp has recently affected the construction and building materials industry. Hemp as a regrowing natural raw material is also a new multi-talent in the field of the construction industry.

New innovative enterprises - like well-known large enterprises in special fields to thermal insulation, heat storage, noise protection, fire protection, interior decoration - show future-oriented opportunities in the building industry at the Hanfexpo Austria in Vienna.

Hemp Cosmetic

The cosmetics industry has discovered hemp for their own good. Hemp has long been used in natural cosmetics by well-known companies and components of the hemp plant are contained in a wide variety of cosmetic products. Cannabis is excellent for skin care and it's effective for anti-aging.

You can find out more about health and beauty in combined with hemp at the Hanfexpo in Vienna.

Hemp Clothing

Hemp textiles are made from hemp fibres. Already several hundred years ago we knew about the possibility of the hemp plant in the textile area, whereby the use of hemp in this area can already be documented several thousand years ago.

Starting with the production of hemp textiles up to manufactured hemp clothing less hemp fibres require less chemicals and less water, which in turn contributes to the preservation of important resources. At Hanfexpo 2019, the hemp trade fair in Austria, visitors can see the possibilities and current trends for clothing and textiles made of hemp.

Hemp Sport

CBD has a very high medical potential, which can also be used very beneficially in sports. On 1 January 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed cannabidiol (CBD) from the list of prohibited substances. Thus, the use of CBD-containing products is allowed for national and international athletes. Many professional athletes rely on CBD mainly because of its pain-relieving properties.

Find out more about the benefits and use of cannabis in sport as an effective way to relieve pain and increase performance at the Hanfexpo Austria in Vienna.

Hemp Law

Experts speak at the GrandGreen Symposium of Hanfexpo Austria about the current legal situation. Changes, possibilities and restrictions on topics such as traffic law, compulsory product labelling of goods brought on the market, derivations from EU regulations and much more will be discussed.

Hemp Food

Foods made of hemp or with ingredients made of hemp are state-of-the-art and change the usually quite constantly developing industry in the food sector. Special retail shops are booming, supermarkets are equipping their shelves with food made from the hemp plant. Lemonades, teas, oils and food are continually being created. Beer products, ham products and bakery products of well-known brand manufacturers can be found among them.

Why are products based on hemp so popular with many consumers more recently? Exhibitors and specialists from production and trade present innovations in the food sector at the Hanfexpo Austria.

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